Children are more sensitive to diseases but everyone wants their child to be healthy and free from any kind of illness. It becomes very heart breaking when our kid has to struggle with any kind of illness. Our Top child specialist in lahore has a wealth of knowledge and well-experienced hands to handle any kind of pediatric disease that is why children are given proper medical care at Allpatient. Being the best child specialist in Lahore. Our expertise includes healthcare for newborns, children in sickness, and their treatment.

Child Specialist in Lahore

Dr. M. Zeeshan Khan

Dr. Muhammad Zeeshan is considered Best Child Specialist in Lahore. He has vast experience of 22 years in pediatrics and currently working as Assistant Professor in Children’s Hospital Lahore.

  • 22 Years Experience
  • Fees 2000
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Mustafa Malik Lahore

A warm Thank You from me to take care of my diseases especially from Dr Adeela Khan and the staff. Again Thank You for treating us well 🙂

Uzma Mustafa Lahore

Everyone was very nice. I would love to have Dr Fatima Tahira around if I ever get sick again. THANK YOU VERY MUCH

Usama Saeed Lahore

Generally excellent experience. I never get such understanding. The staff was extremely mindful and the dr Muhammad Zeeshan Khan was awesome.

Zulfiqar Ali Lahore

A major yell of appreciation to Dr Zeeshan for my full well consideration all through by ailments. The administrations were exceptionally astounding.


Who is child specialist or pediatrician?

A paediatrician is a doctor who deals with medical issues related to infants, children and adolescents. They are trained to handle and cute childhood illness from mild to severe.


What is a difference between best physician in lahore and best child specialist in lahore?

Both best Physician and child specialist are doctors and provide medical care. The basic difference is that paediatricians are specialised for treatment of patients 18 years old and younger.

Do child specialist perform surgery?

Child Specialist tend to treat their patients in offices while a paediatric surgeon perform surgeries in collaboration with other physicians and paediatrician. 

What to expect at appointment with top child specialist in lahore?

On your first appointment with top child specialist in lahore, he will ask you many questions and take information about you and your child. He will also ask about other main concerns of your child. Your child’s past medical and health history, about their birth, development, hospital admissions, medications, allergies and many more.

What does the paediatrician or child specialist do?

A paediatrician is a doctor who diagnose and treat physical, behavioural and mental care of children from birth to 18 years of age. He can treat a broad range of childhood illness from mild conditions to severe health problems.

Why do vaccination starts so early?

The vaccination schedule recommended is to protect infants and children by providing them immunity early in life before they come any serious diseases in their life.

what should I ask during appointment with best child specialist in lahore?

When you see a child specialist, you can ask him anything about your child’s health and medical problem. Feel free to ask him about medication, child’s routine, diet plan etc.

Should a 15 year old see paediatrician?

It is perfectly fine to see a paediatrician for 15 year old as paediatrician are trained to treat teen’s. 

Can a paediatrician prescribe for adults?

It is not possible for a paediatrician to prescribe for adults as he cannot go outside his speciality. A paediatrician can only prescribe for adults if he is trained for both paediatric and adult medicine.

Is a paediatrician better than family doctor?

Many people trust their family doctor who treat people of all ages. Both paediatrician and your family doctor can treat your medical problems but paediatrician can treat your children with their high level of knowledge and great expertise as they are specifically trained for this

can I delay my child’s vaccination or follow a non-standard schedule?

If you’ll delay your child’s vaccination or do not follow the schedule as recommended then your child will not get any known benefits from it. Not getting the vaccination on time can put your child at great risk of getting that disease.

Are there any additional charges when you book an appointment through

No, there are no additional charges when you book an appointment with best child specialist in Lahore at

How to book an appointment with Top Child Specialist in Lahore?

You can book an appointment with the Top Child Specialist in Lahore by calling us at 0311-6712017 or click here to consult an appointment.